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M&A Commercialization Forum: New Stage for M&A and Commercialization in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry
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On September 26, 2023, the M&A Commercialization Forum was held on the 8th China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC), bringing many investors, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars in law and consultancy sectors together, to discuss the M&A and Commercialization trends of the global pharmaceutical industry in a new cycle, sharing wisdom for the innovation and sustainable development of the industry.


Chair Zhao Jia, Director, Alliances & Business Development, AstraZeneca China

Sun Jialin, general manager at Shenzhen GTJA Investment Group Co., Ltd. addressed a keynote speech entitled Healthcare Investment and M&A Opportunities in the New Age.


Sun Jialin

Rong Yiping, CSO of Harbour BioMed, addressed a keynote speech entitled Business Development for Biotech: Diversified Global Partnership Model Based on Continuous Evolution of Leading Technologies.


Rong Yiping

Tao Xudong, senior partner and head of life science stream, JunHe LLP, addressed a keynote speech entitled R&D Pipeline Commercialization: Hot Topics on Technology License & Equity Finance Involving Biopharmas.


Tao Xudong

Wang Guanda, CEO from Witsus Consulting (Beijing) Co.,Ltd., made a keynote speech entitled Overview of Red Chip Structure and Compliance Processing.


Wang Guanda

Panel unfolded with the theme of Smart Transformation from Investment to Industry, with Sammy Jiang, chairlady & CEO of Boan Biotech, as the moderator. John Zhu, founder and CEO of Duality Biologics, Zhao Ruilin, CEO, Enlight Medical Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Yang Yingying, principal of Quan Capital, and Hope Li, regional managing director of Eastern China, Witsus Consulting (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. participated in the panel. They shared cases, and gave suggestions that it is important to have a positive attitude amidst capital winter and take actions such as upgrading the growth system, evaluating the market space with unfilled needs.


Sammy Jiang, John Zhu, Zhao Ruilin, Yang yingying, and Hope Li (From Left to Right)

The second Panel unfolded with the theme of Exploration of New Model of M&A and “Going Global” for Innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprises with Liu Ning as the moderator. Xiao Zhenyu, chairman & CEO of Hermed Capital, Cao Fei, co-founder & COO of InxMed, Alex Cao, head of legal and IP, head of Business Development, Junshi Biosciences, and Wang Guanda participated in the panel. They analyzed the new trends of M&A and “Going Global” of pharmaceutical companies and reached a consensus that, against a backdrop of capital winter, enterprises can further explore to make overseas layout, and there will be a growing number of opportunities for license-out.


Liu Ning, Xiao Zhenyu, Cao Fei, Alex Cao, and Wang Guanda (From Left to Right)

Gaining support from all participants, the M&A Commercialization Forum was successfully held. They shared valuable experience and insights, inspiring the audience.