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Coordination of IUR, Medical Institutions, Capital and Regulation for Innovative Development of Medical Devices Industry
News & Events CBIIC 2023.10.11 262

On September 26, Digitalization and Innovative Medical Devices Forum was successfully co-hosted by PhIRDA Digital Medicine and Innovative Therapy Specialty Committee and PhIRDA Innovative Medical Devices Specialty Committee during the 8th China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC).


This forum brings together senior officials from departments of medical devices regulation and experts of various fields including academia, medical services, enterprises, and investment and financing. With four keynote speeches and two panel discussion, participants had an in-depth discussion of the exploration of advanced technologies, its role in transformation and its application. Wang Jingjing, secretary-general of PhIRDA Innovative Medical Devices Specialty Committee and executive director of Global Healthcare Innovation Center (GHIC), chaired the forum.


Wang Jingjing

At the beginning, Liang Hong, reviewer of Center for Medical Device Evaluation, National Medical Products Administration addressed a keynote speech entitled Evaluation Status and Research Progress of Digital Diagnosis and Treatment Products.


Liang Hong

Wang Guangzhi, chairman of PhIRDA Innovative Medical Devices Specialty Committee, executive dean & tenure Professor of Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University addressed a keynote speech entitled Current Situation and Prospect of IUR of High-End Medical Device.


Wang Guangzhi

Wang Yilong, vice-chairman of PhIRDA Innovative Medical Devices Specialty Committee and executive vice president of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University, addressed a keynote speech entitled New Strategy to Promote the Prevention and Treatment of Brain Diseases by Medical and Industrial Cross Fusion.


Wang Yilong

Tang Yuguo, director, Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a keynote speech entitled Thinking and Practice on the Achievement Transformation of Advanced Medical Instruments.


Tang Yuguo

The first Panel unfolded with the topic of Development Trend and Prospect of Frontier Technology in Medical Devices Industry. The moderator was He Juying, head of Healthcare Equity Research at China Securities. Hao Hongwei, general manager of BEIJING PINS MEDICAL CO., LTD. and deputy director of National Engineering Research Center of Neuroregulation, Ni Dong, vice dean at School of Biomedical Engineering, Medical School Shenzhen University, Shi Lei, partner of Eight Roads Ventures China, and Xiang Jun, X-Ray BU CEO& Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd.



The second Panel focused on The Big Maritime Navigation Era: AI Promotes the Intelligent Development of the Medical Industry. Winnie Han, head of China Issuer Services and senior vice president, HKEX moderated the panel. Zhou Jielong, founder & CEO, Beijing StoneWise Technology Co., Ltd., Qi Fei, executive director, Legend Capital, Louie Liu, founding partner, TTM Capital, and Sun Donghui, founder and senior VP, Futurtec participated in the panel.



Participants reached a consensus that, AI has a bright future despite its early stage in terms of its integration in the medical industry. The whole society need to be patient to the long-term development of advanced technologies. With data accumulation and the optimization of algorithm, China will make world-class products in the scenarios of the integration of AI into the medical and pharmaceutical industries.