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Investor’s Experience Sharing Forum: Discussing the Trends and Development Opportunities of Pharmaceutical Investment under the New Circumstances
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On 30th March, Investor’s Experience Sharing Forum, hosted by PhIRDA Pharmaceutical Innovation and Investment Specialty Committee, at the support of Ping An Bank, Qiming Venture Partners, was held at the 7th China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC). Professional investors, experts and scholars from the pharmaceutical sector gathered to discuss critical topics such as financing, investment, management and withdrawal in the global pharmaceutical industry, contributing wisdom to capital accelerating innovation in medical devices.


Chen Kan

Chen Kan, partner of Qiming Venture Partners and secretary-general of PhIRDA Pharmaceutical Innovation and Investment Speciality Committee chaired the forum and addressed a keynote speech. Chen pointed out early projects with the goal of meeting clinical needs and unique competitive advantages have been a focus of investors. Globally, the U.S. is still the world’s biggest pharmaceutical market. The going global of innovative drugs is an inevitable path in maximizing commercial values of innovative drugs.


Chen Kan

Then, Chen Haigang, managing partner of Apricot Capital addressed a keynote speech entitled “Investment Changes in a Decade”. Chen said the investment logic of investors is transforming into focusing on early and small projects, and engaging in incubation investment, to help invested companies build ecological base.


Chen Haigang

Zhu Jinqiao, founder and chairman of Efung Capital, addressed a keynote speech entitled “Innovation and Investment in Biomedicine in the Post Epidemic Era”. Zhu shared the investment logic of Efung Capital and the company’s excellent investment cases.


Zhu Jinqiao

Then, Zeng Xiaoyu, partner of Shenzhen Green Pine Capital Partners Co. Ltd., made a keynote speech entitled “Investment Value and Opportunities in the Field of Big Health”.


Zeng Xiaoyu

Panel 1 focused on “The Status and Future Development Trend of PE-led Healthcare Buyout Transactions in China”. The panel was chaired by Chen Zhixing, member of PhIRDA Pharmaceutical Innovation and Investment Speciality Committee and managing director of Centurium Capital. Panelists were Emma Wan, managing director of CITIC Capital and Tang Ke, managing director of CPE Fund, Leo Shi, managing director of Warburg Pincus and Tao Xudong, senior partner and head of Life Science Stream, JunHe LLP. They called upon that it is necessary to accelerate the building of an orderly linked closed loop of pharmaceutical investment and withdrawal. It is hoped that vitality of investment in the pharmaceutical field will continue to increase in the near future, and China’s Big Pharma and Biotech will gradually move onto the center of the world stage.


Panel: Chen Zhixing, Emma Wan, Tang Ke, Leo Shi, Tao Xudong (From Left to Right)

Panel 2 was chaired by Chen Kan, secretary-general of PhIRDA Pharmaceutical Innovation and Investment Specialty Committee, partner of Qiming Venture Partners. Panelists were Stephen Lin, partner of Lily Asia Ventures, Richard Lu, managing director of China Life Private Equity investment Company Limited, Kevin Xu, private equity managing director of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and Huang Jiang, vice president of GL Capital. They reached a consensus that the paradigm of pharmaceutical field will be reshaped in the future, in which excellent enterprises with innovation and R&D capabilities will stand out.


Panel 2: Chen Kan, Stephen Lin, Richard Lu, Kevin Xu, and Huang Jiang (From Left to Right)

Investor’s Experience Sharing Forum concluded at the support of guests present. Experts from investment circle and legal circle engaged in in-depth discussion about popular issues in the pharmaceutical field, shared their experience and insights, inspiring participants, and building a dialogue platform for innovative pharmaceutical sector and investment sector.