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Focusing on Digital Technology, Accelerating Pharmaceutical Innovation: Digitalization in Pharma Forum Held at the 7th CBIIC for the 2nd Time
News & Events CBIIC 2023.04.06 212

With the development and application of next-generation information technology including artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, the upgrading and transformation of upstream and downstream enterprises in global industrial chains driven by the digital economy has been a new norm generating breakthrough in innovation. Medical devices and healthcare industries are entering into a new digitalization-driven era. On 29th March, Digitalization in Pharma Forum, hosted by PhIRDA Digital Medicine and Innovative Therapy Specialty Committee and at the support of Qlife Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Infervision Medical Technology Co., Ltd., was held at the 7th China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC). Experts and scholars from government agencies, industries, and academia gathered together to engage in panel on topics including digital therapies, policy research on the regulation of artificial intelligence medical devices, AI-assisted new drug R&D, application of omics technology, and application of smart technologies to industries, contributing wisdom to digitalization in medical devices.


Bryan Sun, Secretary-General of Digital Medicine and Innovative Therapy Specialty Committee, Chairing the Forum

Keynote Speeches


Hu Jianzhong

Hu Jianzhong, former deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of Xiangya Hospital Central South University, addressed a keynote speech centering on new service models and new technologies accelerating the building of a new ecology of medical care and health care.


Zhang Wei

Dr. Zhang Wei, CTO of Qlife Medical Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the exploration and application of phenomics in the process of new drug R&D.


Chen Kuan

Chen Kuan, founder and chairman of Infervision Medical Technology Co., Ltd., shared the application of artificial intelligence in medicine. Chen said, AI has played an important role in disease screening and diagnostics.


Sun Weijie

Sun Weijie, founder and CEO of DE Technology Co., Ltd., made a keynote speech entitled “New Tools and Processes for Drug Design Driven by AI for Science Paradigm”.

Panel: The New Chapter of WIT-MED


Moderator: Winnie Han, Head of China Issuer Services and Senior Vice President, HKEX (First from the Left)

Panelists: Jeff He, Co-Founder and CEO of Tandem AI Shanghai Co., Ltd. (Second from the Left); Wang He, Senior Associate, Eight Roads Ventures (Second from the Right); Lily Xu, CFO, ClouDr Group Limited (First from the Right)

In the Panel, Winnie Han, Jeff He, Wang He, Lily Xu, discussed on the topic “The New Chapter of WIT-MED”. They reached a consensus that AI has been an indispensable technical tool in new drug R&D. AI-based data assets management, application, and security and new cooperative mode of multi-coordination have become popular issues attracting attention from all sectors of society. Keynote speeches and the panel have injected new vitality into data value reconstructing, and the transformation to digitalization in medicine.