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Pharmaceutical Policy Sharing Forum: Discussing High-Quality and Sustainable Innovation in an In-Depth Manner
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On 31st March, the Pharmaceutical Policy Sharing Forum of the 7th China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC) was successfully held. The forum, under the theme of ‘High-Quality and Sustainable Innovation’, was hosted by China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA), and organized by iMeta, at the support of HUTCHIMED LIMITED. Feng Lan, ecretary-General of PhIRDA, chaired the forum. Hu Shanlian, professor of School of Public Health of Fudan University and Honorary Chairman of PhIRDA Medicinal Policy Specialty Committee, made an opening speech. Heads of national and local centers for drug evaluation, experts of pharmaceutical policy, industry, and investment institutions were invited to attend the forum.


Feng Lan


Hu Shanlian

Yang Zhimin, vice director of Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) of China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), made a keynote speech entitled “Continue to Improve Drug Approval Standards and Promote Innovative, High-quality Development of Chinese Medicine”.


Yang Zhimin

Li Menglong, vice director of Drug Regulation Department of Shanghai Medical Products Administration, made a keynote speech entitled “Research and Practice of Regulation Systems for Drugs for Cell Therapies”.


Li Menglong

Xuan Jianwei, director of Health Economics Research Institute, Sun Yat-sen University, and vice chairman of the Medicinal Policy Speciality Committee, made a keynote speech entitled “Challenges and Thoughts on the Market Access of Innovative Drugs in China: Enabling Sustainable Innovation in Medicine”.


Xuan Jianwei

He Juying, Pharmaceutical Chief Analyst of CITIC Jiantou Securities, and member of PhIRDA Medicinal Policy Specialty Committee, made a keynote speech entitled “Pharmaceutical Policy and Industry Coordinated Development from the Perspective of Capital”.


He Juying

Xuan Jianwei chaired the panel entitled “Change and Transformation - High Quality and Sustainable Development of Pharmaceutical Innovation Industry”. Yang Zhimin, Mao Zongfu, director of the Global Health Research Center of Wuhan University, and vice chairman of PhIRDA Medicinal Policy Specialty Committee, Cui Yiling, senior vice president of HUTCHMED LIMITED and member of PhIRDA Medicinal Policy Specialty Committee, He Juying, and Sun Jing, CEO & head of Department of Government Affairs and Public Relations engaged in the discussion and exchanged ideas about topics including “trends of and challenges to high-quality development brought by drug regulation reform” and “reform of medical insurance and pharmaceutical sustainable innovation”.


Panel Discussion

From the perspective of regulation, Yang pointed that science is the basis for research and development of new drugs. From the perspective of enterprises, Cui reviewed the development of the industry and expressed the hope for future reform in drug regulation. Sun expressed the hope for facilitating the establishment of a closed-loop payment system. From the perspective of policy, Mao provided valuable insights into medicinal policies. From the perspective of capital, He highlighted four key points.

At the end of the forum, on behalf of the organizer, Feng Lan expressed great thanks to all the participants, and announced that the 8th CBIIC will kick off on 25-27 September, 2023, in Suzhou.