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2021 CBIIC Medical Devices Roadshow Successfully Held
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On September 27, 2021, the Medical Devices Roadshow (hereinafter referred to as the “Roadshow”) was successfully held on the 2021 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC) in Suzhou Jinji Lake International Convention Center. The Roadshow brought together a large number of high-quality roadshow projects and professional investors, aiming to provide a multi-level communication platform for capital and innovative medical devices, accelerate the implementation and transformation of excellent medical device project achievements, and promote the sustainable innovative development of the industry.

Zheng Wei, Chief Analyst of Pharmaceutical Industry of Guolian Securities served as the moderator of the Roadshow. Li Ping, Vice President of BD Greater China & the company’s Highest Representative Working with Government Affairs Team to Develop Market Access Strategies on Payment and Reimbursement Issues, started the Roadshow with the speech “Innovation Journey for China MedTech”, and shared the macro layout and development trend of China’s medical device innovation strategy with the audience.

Zheng Wei, Chief Analyst of Pharmaceutical Industry of Guolian Securities

Li Ping, Vice President of BD Greater China

With the continuous recurrence of COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for medical devices at home and abroad is increasing, and the medical device industry has ushered in good market innovation prospects and development opportunities. As the Roadshow is becoming more and more influential, there are high-quality projects from home and abroad participating every year. In 2021, after careful selection by experts from the Review Committee, 10 excellent projects finally stood out, attracting a large number of investment institutions on site. A number of investment and financing institutions have established friendly and mutual-beneficial relations with roadshow enterprises.

Crowded Roadshow

Project Highlights

Project 1: Development of Novel Nanochip-based Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology and its Clinical Applications

Founded in 2004, Suzhou Nasheng Microelectronics Ltd. is a transdermal drug delivery technology company focused on the development, production, sales and service of Nano non-invasive importing equipment and products, covering basic medical treatment, medical cosmetology, light medical beauty, life beauty and daily chemical products.

As the core product of the company, nanocrystalline chips can quickly open the skin channel and improve the absorption of active ingredients. It is a non-invasive and painless new product integrating the two advantages of injection and transdermal drug delivery. At present, the company has successfully applied for 71 patents at home and abroad, including 8 PCT applications and 37 global exclusive authorization. It has been proved that the use of nanocrystalline chips can reduce wrinkles, fade scars and tighten the skin.

Sothie Yin, Brand Manager of Suzhou Nasheng Microelectronics Ltd.

Project 2: Highlight Reproductive Health, Offer Intact and Inclusive IVD Products

Celula (China) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with advanced diagnostic technology. The company has a multi-disciplinary, international R&D management team of more than 100 people, and a R&D center of more than 5,000 square meters. The company sets scientific research, technology transformation, production and service in one, focusing on the field of reproductive health, and is committed to providing customers with the most inclusive and complete IVD product solutions.

The company focuses on reproductive health. With leading technology, complete and inclusive reproductive health products (flow cytometry and matching detection reagent, molecular diagnostic reagent), it can better address a variety of clinical needs in the field of reproductive health, including pregnancy, infertility screening/diagnosis, assisted reproduction, prenatal screening/diagnosis, premature birth prediction, neonatal screening, and other issues.

Zhang Haichuan, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Celula (China) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Project 3: The Development of Molecular POCT Diagnostic Technology Platform: What do we need? What are we doing?

Ustar Biotechnologies (Hangzhou) Ltd. is a high-tech biotechnology company committed to the development, production and sales of innovative POCT molecular diagnostics products. The company focuses on the development of new technology platform of molecular diagnosis so that molecular diagnosis and detection will no longer be dependent on expensive instruments and high requirements of molecular laboratory, and be truly popularized and applied to thousands of households to benefit the public, that is, “molecular diagnosis, feasible everywhere”.

Its products have the following characteristics:

1. Basic nucleic acid home self-test products;

2. Automatic, high-throughput nucleic acid testing products;

3. Multiple detection;

4. Point mutation detection.

You Qimin, Foundr/Chief Scientific Officer of Ustar Biotechnologies (Hangzhou) Ltd.

Project 4: Rivamed Intelligent Management Solutions

Zhejiang Rivamed Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) technology service provider for hospitals in China. It is committed to helping large and medium-sized hospitals in China to provide solutions for material management and smart hospital construction by using IoT, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency for hospitals.

Using the Internet of Things, 5G, big data and other technologies, Rivamed Science & Technology Co., Ltd. creates an overall solution for intelligent management, and the hospital’s personnel, financial and material data will be tracked, collected, processed and analyzed. Its platform-based smart hospital construction truly realizes the collaborative smart hospital of cloud, large scale and IoT in the medical ecosystem.

Sean Wan, CTO of Zhejiang Rivamed Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Project 5: Beroni’s Flavivirus Detection Kit -- CII-ArboViroPlex rRT - PCR assay

At present, the incidence of arbovirus, especially flavivirus infection, is increasing, and the consequences of infection are serious and there is no specific medicine. Among them, Zika virus infection in pregnant women will lead to fetal microcephaly. Therefore, more effective, rapid and accurate product detection and identification of common flavivirus are urgently needed.

Beroni’s Flavivirus Detection Kit -- CII-ArboViroPlex rRT-PCR assay, developed by Beroni Group in collaboration with Professor Walter Ian Lipkin of Columbia University, USA, is the only product in the world that uses rRT-PCR to detect four viruses--Zika (ZIKV), Dengue (DENV), Chikungunya (CHIKV), and West Nile (WNV), and has been approved by US FDA for emergency use and CE certification in The European Union. It has obtained 4 international invention patents and intention orders from southeast Asia and other countries. Based on this project, Beroni Group has built an infection and immunity center and a platform for the discovery of pathogenic microorganisms, creating a technological highland for rapid diagnosis of pathogenic microorganisms.

Yang Jie, Vice President of International R&D Center for Precision Medicine of Beroni Group

Project 6: Non-invasive Hemodynamic System for Cardiovascular Screening

Sramek Group Inc. is a company focusing on the research and application of hemodynamics. Initially, NASA used this non-invasive cardiac function technology for monitoring the status of astronauts’ cardiac function and for aerospace physiological research, and pioneered non-invasive cardiac function technology. It was later upgraded to TEBCO by Dr. Bo Sramek to improve accuracy while also using HOTMAN software for data analysis. The noninvasive cardiac function measurement method based on Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance (TEB) provides a new method for continuous monitoring of hemodynamic changes and evaluation of cardiac function. The method is safe, non-invasive, easy to operate, accurate, reliable and reproducible, and can continuously monitor multiple parameters. Since 1998, the accuracy of noninvasive cardiac function has been confirmed. This technology has high relevance and accuracy, hence it has important application value in many medical fields.

Victor Ho, Vice President and Director of Sramek Group Inc.

Project 7: Sample in- Result out -- the next generation of syndromic testing platform

After several years of research and development, Day6 Shanghai Biotech Co., Ltd. has developed an intelligent molecular diagnosis platform that can quickly identify a variety of infection sources -- IO™ series Sample in-Answer out. It adopts efficient solid-phase side-flow nucleic acid extraction, multiple real-time fluorescence PCR, fully integrated microfluidics and freeze-drying technologies, featuring high nucleic acid extraction efficiency and purity, and high detection sensitivity. It can conduct semi-quantitative and quantitative analysis of as many as 72 molecular targets for pathogens in one test, and can not only directly provide accurate and intuitive test results, but also let the users see the original amplification curve and Ct value for the identification of mixed infection, colonized bacteria and conditioned pathogen with accurate and reliable evidence. It can be widely used in respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, reproductive tract and other infectious diseases detection, fully covering the commonly known pathogenic microorganisms and drug-resistant bacteria.

Fang Binbin, CEO of Day6 Shanghai Biotech Co., Ltd.

Project 8: Next Generation Video Laryngeal Mask System and High Accuracy Multi-function Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Changsha Magill Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative medical device company focusing on anesthesia, critical care and infusion therapy. At present, it has developed the world’s first visible throat mask system and high-precision portable infusion pump, and obtained a number of invention patents at home and abroad. Airway management is one of the riskiest steps of surgical anesthesia, and 30% of serious anesthesia accidents are caused by improper airway management. The SafeLM visible laryngeal mask system of the company has solved the problem of incorrect alignment of the existing laryngeal mask, and has been rated as “the world’s first third-generation laryngeal mask” by experts at home and abroad.

Infusion pump is the most commonly used clinical medical equipment with the global market size of about $7 billion. The company’s MP1000 high-precision portable infusion pump that uses a patented driving structure, ranking the world’s NO.1 in terms of infusion accuracy among similar products. MP1000 also has the advantages of small and portable, and high infusion speed, which can better meet the needs of infusion equipment in the future.

Niu Wei, Co-Founder & Commercial VP of Changsha Magill Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Project 9:VisionX -- An emerging leader in China’s vision care devices market

VisionX is committed to the research and development and production of a complete set of medical equipment solutions in the field of ophthalmology and optometry, hoping to bring a complete set of solutions for the entire field of ophthalmology through the world’s leading technology. At present, the company develops and produces five product series: 1) Adolescent myopia prevention and control products, including Orthokeratology and multifocal contact lens; 2) Adult irregular corneal vision correction products, including scleral contact lens and specially designed corneal contact lens; 3) Optometry inspection equipment; 4) Full range of ophthalmic contact lens care products; 5) Soft contact lens products, etc.

Jack Lu, Head of Medical Business Unit of VisionX

Project 10: Host immune analysis technology based on machine learning: a new method for diagnosing infections

Under an exclusive technology license agreement, Thalys Medical Technology Group Inc. and Insightmatix Diagnosis have cooperated with Inflammatix, an innovative biotechnology and artificial intelligence technology company based at Stanford University in America, to introduce their pioneering molecular diagnostic test InSep, which combines machine learning-based host immune analysis technology with molecular POCT. The technology has received Breakthrough Device Designation from the US FDA and can be used to diagnose (or exclude) acute infection and sepsis in hospital emergency and critical care inpatients in various Clinical Settings (emergency department, ICU) and predict infection severity and subsequent risk.

Ma Lin, Insightmatix Diagnosis COO & General Ma