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[Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BioMed Roadshow] Opening the Future of Biotechnology via AI Keys
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On the afternoon of September 26, the “Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BioMed Roadshow” (hereinafter referred to as the "the Roadshow") of the 2021 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC) was successfully concluded. The Roadshow aimed to discuss the role of AI in the pharmaceutical field with experts from various fields, including industry, academia, research and capital; to present the technological breakthroughs achieved by pharmaceutical innovative companies using AI in the pharmaceutical field; and to strengthen cooperation among cross-disciplinary institutions to break through the outstanding problems in developing new drugs with AI. After selection by the Expert Review Committee of CBIIC for registered enterprises, 7 innovative cutting-edge AI projects were well presented, attracting a large number of scientists and investors audience from the healthcare industry at home and abroad.

The Roadshow was moderated by Deng Zhouyu, Executive Director of Research Department, Chief Analyst of Pharmaceutical and Biological Industry and Leader of Medical & Consumer Research Group of BoC International (China) Co., Ltd., who also delivered the first keynote speech.

Keynote Speech: An Overview of AI New Drugs R&D - Insight into Development of AI Industry, Grasp Investment Opportunities

According to the speech, medical and pharmaceutical field has witnessed a huge leap forward in medical imaging, but AI has not fully shown its potential in new drug development. What hinders the development of new drug is actually not the capacity of computer or algorithms, but the lack of high-quality data, basic knowledge, and medical pharmacology, as well as the recent-hot topic legal limitations and structure. Besides, the capital market finds it more possible to accept long-run projects, thus bringing high market value of innovative drug in recent years.

7 Projects at the CBIIC Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BioMed Roadshow

Project 1: Advanced AI Technology Enables Drug Research and Development Innovation

Speaker: Jian Ma, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of XtalPi

Project 2: First in Class Allosteric Molecules: Platform and Pipeline in Drug Discovery

Speaker: Shen Qiancheng, CEO, Nutshell Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Project 3: MicroED based AI+Structure Drug Discovery Platform

Speaker: Liu Leifeng, Founder & CEO, ReadCrystal Technology

Project 4: AI-based Drug Design: Potential Values and Current Issues

Speaker: Wu Guosheng, Vice President, Pharmaron

Project 5:HK Bio-Rhythm R&D Company Limited-Home-based Pre-screening of Cancer

Speaker: Wu Jun, CEO, Chinese Mainland, HK Bio-rhythm R&D Company Limited

Project 6:Novel Drug Design in The AI Era

Speaker: Zhang Hongbo, CEO Assistant & Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Beijing StoneWise Technology Co., Ltd

Project 7: A Simple, Label Free Sample Process and Analysis Syste

Speaker: Huang Xiaochun, COO, Levitas (Shanghai) Life Science Co.,Ltd.

The Roadshow was highly welcomed by the participants, reflecting the increasing attention on AI from the investment and pharmaceutical community. At the CBIIC Opening Ceremony on the 25th, Jiang Hualiang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2015-2016 Annual Chairman of PhIRDA, Professor of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech named AI Empowers Drug Research and Discovery, noting that AI is the most disruptive technology in the field of biopharmaceutical in the future. Thanks to the rapid development of modern molecular biology, the emergence of high and new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, and the strong support of policies and capital in recent years, new drug R&D has boomed unprecedentedly, and pharmaceutical innovation has ushered in a "golden age". As the most important force for technological change, artificial intelligence has great potential in reducing R&D costs, accelerating R&D cycle and improving R&D success rate, thus become a hot topic in the biopharmaceutical industry even under the post-COVID-19 era. 2022 CBIIC will be held on September 23-25, 2022. See you at Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BioMed Roadshow again!