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PhIRDA and SZSE Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
News & Events 2021.01.15 1335

Under the President Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, principles of the second, third, fourth and fifth plenary session of the 19thCPC Central Committee and the 14thFive-Year Plan, it is vital to play the role of capital market in entity economy, support the development of China's pharmaceutical industry innovation, build self-reliance and self-strengthening in science and technology, and enhance the original foundation of China's pharmaceutical industry listed companies. Recently, China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. PhIRDA and SZSE will work together to give full play to their respective resource advantages, firmly implement national decisions and policies that promote pharmaceutical innovation, and utilize capital market to guide pharmaceutical innovation. The cooperation will be all-around, stable, long-term and practical, including "hosting seminars", "developing high-quality backup listed companies", "promoting scientific and standard development of listed enterprise", "building platform for connecting the industry and finance", "assisting professional research and information exchange" etc., to further advance the transformation, upgrading of pharmaceutical innovation industry.

Under the guidance and support of China’s Innovation-Driven Development Strategy and the reform to diversify capital market, PhIRDA will grasp the signing opportunity to promote high-quality innovative R&D-based pharmaceutical enterprises and expand financing channels, making greater contribution to release the vitality, level up international competitiveness, and increase the benefits of pharmaceutical innovation industry!

As a national social organization, PhIRDA centers on the principle of "innovation, industrialization, internationalization", persists in innovation to achieve unmet clinical requirements, and makes great effort on "academia-industry-investment collaboration", taking facilitating the industrialization of pharmaceutical innovation as the mission. PhIRDA has been focusing on promoting innovation and the transforming achievements and serving the industry, the real economy and the country. Since 2017, PhIRDA has been deeply involved in the reform to diversify China's capital market, supporting pharmaceutical R&D enterprises along the path of listing and financing. Several members of PhIRDA Pharmaceutical Innovation Scientific Committee, directors and supervisors of PhIRDA and branch heads have been appointed as members of the Biotech Advisory Panel of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, the Science and Technology Innovation Advisory Committee of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Industry Consultation Expert Database of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Also, a number of PhIRDA members featuring innovation and R&D have successively listed and financed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STAR) of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, achieving one milestone after another. Now, PhIRDA members is growing into a group of high-quality listed companies.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), established on 1stDecember, 1990, is a self-regulated legal entity under the supervision of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). It also organizes, supervises securities trading and performs duties prescribed by laws, regulations, rules and policies. Its main functions include providing the venue and facilities for securities trading, formulating operational rules, receiving listing applications and arranging securities listing, organizing and supervising securities trading, supervising members; regulating listed companies, managing and disseminating market information and other functions as approved by the CSRC.