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​Highlights of 2021 China BioMed Forum
News & Events 2021.01.07 1825

To further promote the in-depth integration of global capital with pharmaceutical and investment industry in China under the pandemic, China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) and iMeta Health Information Consulting will co-host the Virtual 2021 China BioMed Forum on January 12-13, 2021 during the 39th J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.
With the favorable policies on talents, technology and capital, China has witnessed increasing vitality of pharmaceutical innovation. However, behind the innovation and reform, the developing of the pharmaceutical industry is facing great challenges. To explore the future and direction of pharmaceutical innovation in the new market layout, and discuss how capital facilitate pharmaceutical innovation, 2021 China BioMed Forum has invited domestic and global experts in pharmaceutical R&D and KOLs in investment industry to share opinions on hot topics including “Trends of Pharmaceutical Investment & Cooperation in China” and “Trends and Challenges of Pharmaceutical Innovation Development in China” in multiple angles and levels. The forum will also focus on the new dynamics and trends of global investment and financing, select high-quality innovative companies and demonstrate the achievements of pharmaceutical innovation to domestic and foreign investors and entrepreneurs, promote international cooperation in the field of pharmaceutical innovation.

To sail against wind and waves, new strategies will empower pharmaceutical innovation and capital investment. Now, 2021 China BioMed Forum is open for free registration. Welcome for your participation!

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