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[Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BioMed Roadshow] Displaying Cutting-edge Biotechnology of AI Technology Innovation Companies
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On the afternoon of September 29, 2020, the “Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BioMed Roadshow” (hereinafter referred to as the "the Roadshow") of the 2020 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC) was successfully concluded. AI and early stage drug discovery projects are the highlight of the Roadshow, and it focused on organic combination of AI technology and biopharma innovation. Through active registration from roadshow companies and careful selection by the Expert Review Committee of CBIIC, 8 innovative cutting-edge AI projects were well presented, attracting a large number of scientists and investors audience from the healthcare industry home and abroad.

Mr. Jiang Hualiang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2015-2016 Annual Chairman of PhIRDA, Professor of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences made a keynote speech themed “AI and Federated Learning Empowers Drug Research and Discovery”. In his presentation, Academician Jiang Hualiang introduced the latest progress made in the field of new drug R&D using AI technologies, as well as the difficulties and challenges currently facing, and stated that drug Federated Learning could well solve data problem in R&D- high barriers, high costs and high confidentiality. Mr. Jiang Hualiang also introduced the scientific research progress in collaboration with the team of Huawei “EIHealth”. They jointly released a drug Federated Learning service based on ModelArts platform from Huawei cloud.


Academician Jiang Hualiang Made Keynote Speech


The Roadshow was moderated by Mr. Deng Zhouyu, Executive Director of the Research Department, Chief Analyst of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and Leader of the Consumption Research Group of BOC International. Innovative pharmaceutical technology enterprises gave roadshow presentations respectively.


Moderator: Mr. Deng Zhouyu


Splendid roadshow projects took turns to show. 8 innovative biopharma projects presented, covering a wide range of areas including small molecule innovative drugs, bacteria, protein, immune technology, modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and real-world data analysis and its theoretical and practical integration with AI.


Dr. Ma Jian, CEO of XtalPi


With the help of theoretical framework of AI constructed by XtalPi, the key properties of drugs corresponding to different eigenvectors can be enhanced and crossly validated by AI technology. Now XtalPi has reserved hundreds of algorithms. This platform enables XtalPi to carry out large-scale drug molecular discovery and screening projects at the same time, and supports standardized application of AI R&D technology. XtalPi's intelligent drug R&D system lays solid foundation for AI energizing digital drug R&D from three dimensions: computing power, algorithm and data, so as to serve global pharmaceutical enterprises, biotech companies and partners.



Mr. Hu Han, CSO, Shenzhen Xbiome Biotech


Shenzhen Xbiome Biotech is the first company in China to integrate AI, big data analysis and bioengineering technology all together. Through “top-down” method, Xbiome constantly predicts the effect of bacteria and its combination on disease treatment, and through bottom-up method actively utilizes the capabilities of bacteria for screening, building a high-throughput cultivation omics platform and establishing their own strain bank.



Ms. Wang Wenjia, General Manager of Genenet Pharmaceutical



Ms. Wang Wenjia, General Manager of Genenet Pharmaceutical, introduced that the Genenet focused on the mechanism R&D of compound drugs including traditional Chinese medicine, and established an innovative drug discovery cloud platform - Cloudphar, which integrated network pharmacology, AI and big data all together. Now the Genenet has been entrusted by Tasly to study the mechanism of several famous traditional Chinese medicine products, and has started the development of compound drugs for cardiovascular diseases.


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Dr. Yu Zhengtian, Executive Vice President of UCDOM BioTech (Shanghai)


Dr. Yu Zhengtian, Executive Vice President of UCDOM BioTech, shared the allosteric technology, which can defeat non-druggable targets by developing highly selective small molecule inhibitors and agonists. The complete solutions of allosteric mechanism drugs for non-druggable targets include the development of highly selective inhibitors, target functional agonists and the molecular development of protein-protein interaction system. Regarding the novel targets, UCDOM BioTech and pharmaceutical enterprises collaborate to develop new target and new mechanism drug molecules through jointly research, as well as self-developed allosteric small molecules.


Dr. Xu Tao, CSO of Suzhou NeoTrident Software


Suzhou NeoTrident Software focuses on the development and innovation in the field of life science and material science digitalization. Through AI and mobile internet technology, it provides a full range of information solutions such as computing simulation and data modeling, scientific research innovation and quality compliance, so as to comprehensively improve the R&D efficiency and digital transformation value of enterprises. Over the past 20 years, NeoTrident accumulated more than 1000 life science and material science institutional customers, covering leading pharmaceutical enterprises, CRO focusing on new drug R&D, Sinopec enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes.


Dr. Liu Leifeng, CEO and Founder of Shenzhen ReadCrystal Technology


Shenzhen ReadCrystal Technology is an innovative enterprise focusing on crystal characterization services, and they presented a project of a drug R&D platform based on MicroED technology. ReadCrystal has several PhD overseas returnees as technical backbone of the company, and theyl has published a number of papers on Nature and Science. The Company has the ability to analyze ultra-high resolution crystal structure in a variety of analysis, test and characterization techniques.



Dr. Jin Zhaoyu, Founder&CEO of Futuregen Biopharmaceutical Company



Futuregen Biopharmaceutical is a R&D enterprise focusing on macromolecular targeted monoclonal antibodies and bispecific antibodies for tumor and immune diseases. Dr. Jin Zhaoyu, the founder & CEO of Futuregen Biopharmaceutical company introduced the innovative antibody drug development platform driven by protein engineering technology and Physiome. Based on the mechanism of drug, the platform will select the most suitable and best drug-forming antibody. Futuregen biopharmaceutical has a complete set of R&D pipeline for producing ADCC antibody, and second generation CD3 antibody based on SP platform.



Dr. Xu Qiang, Founder &CEO of GenomiCare Biotechnology


The clinical real-world genome + clinical history + long-term survival data set, as well as the unique data-driven intelligent algorithm created by GenomiCare Biotechnology, can help customers realize the full potential of data. The company's business is divided into clinical doctors-oriented and patients-oriented programs, combining in-depth gene, molecular and in-depth clinical data together, providing one-stop, all-round services for pharmaceutical companies to develop specific cancer treatment methods for domestic tumor patients.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BioMed Roadshow