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Listed Company Roadshow|Pipelines and Innovation Strategies from 14 Listed Pharmaceutical Companies
News & Events 2020.11.26 1385

Listed Company Roadshow (herein after referred to as the “Roadshow”) of 2020 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (2020 CBIIC) was successfully held on the morning of September 28 and 29. Jin Li, Founder and Chair of Pharmacodia made the keynote speech at the beginning of the Roadshow. 14 pharmaceutical innovative companies listed in different stock market participated in the roadshow and introduced their business strategies, pipelines and visions for future market, attracting numerous experts, scholars and investors from companies including Luye Pharma, Ascletis Pharma, Frontier Biotechnologies, I-Mab Biopharma, Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Junshi Biosciences, Kintor Pharmaceutical, Innovent Biologics, Ascentage Pharma, Betta Pharmaceuticals, Akeso, InnoCare Pharma Tech, Immunotech Biopharm and Sino Biopharmaceutical.


(Left) Yang Yehui, Deputy Director of Industrial Services Department & Joint Chief Analyst of Medical Industry, Tianfeng Securities

(Right) He Juying, Chief Analyst of Healthcare, China Securities

Listed Company Roadshow


Jin Li, Founder and Chair of Pharmacodia made keynote speech on “Perspective of the Future Strategy in Small Molecule Anti-cancer Drug Research by Mapping both the Research Pipelines of Global Pharms/Biotechs And China Pharms/Biotechs”, in which he introduced the trend of global pharmaceutical industry development from 6 perspectives: trend of merge, license in/out status, listing and risk venture, approval of anti-cancer new drugs and value investment and noteworthy drugs in 2019.

Keynote Speaker: Jin Li, Founder and Chair of Pharmacodia


14 speakers introduced their companies’ global strategies, innovative drug R&D status and prospect, market status and key products. They were Jiang Hua, Vice President of Luye Pharma, Jason Wu, CEO of Ascletis Pharma, Wang Changjin, CEO of Frontier Biotechnologies, Isaac Meng, VP/Head of Medical Office of I-Mab Biopharma, Zhang Zidong, CFO of Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Yu Wenbing, Assistant General Manager of Junshi Biosciences, Lu Yan, CFO of Kintor Pharmaceutical, Wendy Song, Director of Investor Relation and Financial Strategy of Innovent Biologics, Zhang Su, CFO of Ascentage Pharma, Lily Li, Vice President of Strategic Collaboration of Betta Pharmaceuticals, Michael Chen, Business Development VP of Akeso, Tong Shaojing, CFO of Beijign InnoCare Pharma Tech and Wang Yu, CEO and Co-CTO of Immunotech Biopharm.


Roadshow Speakers:

First Row: Jiang Hua, Wang Changjin, Han Zhendong

Second Row: Lu Yan, Tong Shaojing, Jason Wu

Third Row: Isaac Meng, Lily Li, Yu Wenbing

Fourth Row: Michael Chen, Zhang Zidong, Wendy Song

Fifth Row: Zhang Su, Wang Yu


Chief Analyst He Juying, Joint Chief Analyst Yang Yehui, Xu Jiaxi, Managing Director and Deputy Head of Research in CIS and Luo Jiarong, Chief Analyst of Healthcare Sector of GF Securities participated in the panel of “Innovation Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry: Insight from Secondary Market”. The moderator was Chief Analyst He Juying.

Panel of “Innovation Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry: Insights from Secondary Market”

From left to right: He Juying, Yang Yehui, Xu Jiaxi and Luo Jiarong


The success of the five-time Listed Company Roadshows has witnessed the rapid growth of China’s innovative pharmaceutical industry since 2015 in the context of constantly deepening the drug administration reform and optimizing the innovation environment, as well as the innovative R&D trend that transformed China from the power of imitation to innovation. It has also witnessed the role of capital market with opening policies in promoting the development of pharmaceutical industry, such as the implementation of the new pre-revenue biotech IPO Policy of HKEX and the launch of the SSE STAR Market. Through keynote speeches and roadshows mentioned above, the participants were able to have an in-depth understanding of the listed companies in strategic layout, innovative areas and R&D pipelines. Those extraordinary ideas did not only help the investors better seek the investment objective and area, but also the start-up innovative R&D enterprises to learn more about the listing layout and gain experience of development and seek better opportunities for cooperation. The company representatives and participants gave high praise for the Listed Company Roadshow and appreciated PhIRDA for providing a platform of communication, cooperation and investment of pharmaceutical industries.