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WIT-MED + Big Data Roadshow | New WIT-MED Development Opportunity in Post-COVID-19 Era
News & Events 2020.11.11 2734

On the afternoon of September 28, 2020, the "WIT-MED + Big Data Roadshow" (hereinafter referred to as the "the Roadshow") co-hosted by China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) was successfully held on 2020 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC). The Roadshow invited guests from healthcare-related key areas such as internet, AI, Big Data, insurtech and investment financing, discussed topics on “new WIT-MED opportunity in Post-COVID-19 Era”. A number of WIT-MED companies and high-quality roadshow projects made roadshows and in-depth cooperation with capital market.


Panel Discussion


In Post-COVID-19 Era, big data and WIT-MED not just become a hot topic in the industry, but also has been widely used and improved during the battle against COVID-19. The panel discussion was moderated by Ms. Christina Bao, Managing Director & Head of Global Issuer Services of HKEX. Mr. Kuang Ming, Founder & CEO of ClouDr, Mr. Ma Jian, CEO of XtalPi, Mr. You Xiangdong, Managing Partner of Zheshang Venture Capital and Mr. Zhao Lu, Chairman & CEO of Taimei Technology conducted in-depth discussion about how to use the data to better accelerate our health management development from multiple fields, such as remote diagnosis and treatment, drug R&D, and chronic disease management. In Post-COVID-19 Era, data plays a vital role in areas such as new drug R&D acceleration, efficiency improvement, and cost reduction. Big data and AI have brought huge improvements and changes to the entire diagnosis and treatment process. At the same time, it will improve efficiency and accuracy of some major diagnosis and treatment technologies.

We Doctor Group demonstrated that, through digital means including digital medicine platform, cloud pharmacy platform and pharmacist's innovative service platform, a circulation value chain of medicine had been established. Centered on data, We Doctor provides a closed loop for pharmaceutical companies from R&D design, marketing and sales, logistics to procurement. By creating a closed cycle of medical treatment, medicine and healthcare, cloud detection and data, a digitalized healthcare industry can be built.

The Medlinker predicted that, after the pandemic this year, the growth rate of online prescription drug sales would greatly exceed OTC as well as other online products. This is absolutely a great opportunity for the rise of the chronic-disease / patient-centered platform. The online and offline combination can help the doctors realize long-term chronic care management for outpatients, and accumulate medical data in a long term. Sequentially, the platform can truly be patient-centered, and it will provide various services for patients’ unmet needs in their long-time treatment.

A batch of high-quality innovative WIT-MED roadshow projects presented in the "WIT-MED + Big Data Roadshow" attracted attention from a great many investors with all seats occupied. Other roadshow institutes/companies included: Medbanks Network Technology, Shanghai Meditrust Health and Beijing Yuanxin Technology.

Plenary Meeting

Through CBIIC, a number of roadshow companies have successfully found their desirable partners. CBIIC will continue to deepen cooperation with industry, establish a better cooperation and sharing mechanism in biopharma database, drug R&D, financial insurance, so as to jointly promote the medical technology innovation and make due contributions to human health.