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Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BioMed Roadshow | Discussion on Leveraging AI for Drug Discovery
News & Events 2019.11.19 2516

On the afternoon of September 23rd, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BioMed Roadshow was successfully held on 2019 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (2019 CBIIC) in Suzhou Jinji Lake International Convention Center. Jiang Weina, Executive Vice President of Meinian Institute of Health chaired the roadshow.

In recent years, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has become a hot topic, drawing full attention from various fields. 9 AI projects presented in the roadshow session covers a wide range of areas, including AI’s role in accelerating ‘hits’ screening and ‘leads’ compound optimizing, assisting drug design technology, application of microbiome drugs, increasing drug discovery efficiency, screening drug indications and neoantigen-based immunotherapy development etc. Roadshow companies were no lack of listed companies, attracting attendees from investment and pharmaceutical industries to witness the application and development of AI new drug R&D technology. The roadshow session was extremely popular.

Introduction of the 9 splendid roadshow projects

1. XtalPi Inc. - Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery

XtalPi is a computationally driven innovative drug discovery technology company. XtalPi takes computational chemistry and quantum physics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, as well as large-scale high-performance cloud computing as its core, crafts a new engine for whole process of drug discovery industry, which has won long-term purchase orders and high evaluation from many top pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions in the world, including Pfizer.

Ma Jian, CEO of Xtalpi Inc. 

2. Pharmaron Beijing Co., Ltd. - Drug Design Technology Platform Based on AI and Structural Biology

Wu Guosheng, VP of Pharmaron Beijing Co., Ltd., introduced common issues of artificial intelligence technology in the drug design, and explicated the strategy of Pharmaron which combines advantage of AI, fundamental principles of physical chemistry, drug target structure information and years of pharmaceutical enterprise practical experience of main researchers, so as to keep developing new AI algorism. In his report, Dr. Wu listed a number of successful cases of Pharmaron clients, to make audience realize the existing bubble in AI area, and at the same time hold hope to the future of the area.


Wu Guosheng, VP of Pharmaron Beijing Co., Ltd. 

3. Shenzhen Xbiome Biotech Co., Ltd. - AI-driven Microbiome Drug Platform

Established in 2017, Xbiome is China’s first AI-driven microbiome drug development company, dedicated to harnessing the power of the gut microbiome to treat diseases and improve human health. The main research is Class 1 biological products, and its treatment field concentrates on the tumor, the mental disease, the immune disease. For now, six drugs for three indications are being developed at the same time, three of which are in investigator initiated clinical studies (IIT) and one is planning to apply for an IND.


Tan Yan, CEO of Shenzhen Xbiome Biotech Co., Ltd. 

4. GT Apeiron Therapeutics Inc. - Leveraging AI for Drug Discovery

GT Apeiron Therapeutics Inc, a novel biotechnology company which utilizes artificial intelligence and emerging technologies for small molecule drug discovery and development, was launched by GT Healthcare Capital Partners and Exscientia, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence drug discovery. With its proprietary and global partners’ state-of-the-art drug development technologies, Apeiron aims to develop breakthrough investigational medicines by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence which drastically increases efficiency throughout the drug discovery and development process, from target selection, hit identification, lead optimization to pre-clinical studies and clinical trials.


Li Mingxi, Board of Director of GT Apeiron Therapeutics Inc. 

5. Beijing Atman Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. - Natural Language Processing Technology Improves the Efficiency of Drug Development Process

In the process of drug development, research work such as collecting, analysis, sorting and summarizing of various literatures and R&D data occupies high proportion of time and energy. Through natural language processing techniques such as machine translation, machine writing, and knowledge atlas, the project improves the processing efficiency of text content in all processes of drug development, thereby reducing development time and cost.

Ma Lei, CEO of Beijing Atman Intelligence

Technology Co., Ltd. 

6. DM Intelligence Ltd. - AI for Drug Discovery

DM Intelligence is a pharmaceutical technology company committed to integrating artificial intelligence technologies into the medical field. DM Intelligence independently developed a deep learning algorithmic system, and established a drug discovery platform that set drug screening, designing, prediction and optimization in one, built multiple models including the phosphatase inhibitors for KRAS tumor, significantly reduce costs, and enhance accuracy of drug screening by four orders of magnitude, provide new drug cooperative developing platform which is characterized by fast, economy and accurate for R&D institutions around the world.

Xie Weidong, CEO of DM Intelligence Ltd. 

7. UCDOM BioTech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - Clinical Data Driven Target Identification and FIC Drug Discovery Platform

UCDOM powers drug discovery using artificial intelligence technology. We constructed two uniquet echnical platforms, namely (1) UTarget: AI + clinical data based novel targets discovery platform; (2) AILLO: AI + allosteric drug discovery platform. UCDOM has identified several novel targets for lung adenocarcinoma, head and neck and gastrointestinal tumors and these targets have been experimentally validated. AILLO platform contains a series of allosteric drug discovery tools, which explores novel allosteric sites and small molecules of allosteric regulationon proteins.


Shen Qiancheng, CEO of UCDOM BioTech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

8. Oncocross Co., Ltd. from South Korea - Find New Indication by Using AI

Oncocross is a drug discovery company using proprietary AI platform, it discovers new indication as well as intractable disease and orphan drugs by using AI, which is very difficult for the traditional way of R&D.

Park Gibaek, Director of Oncocross Co., Ltd.

9. ImmunoMS, LLC - AI-driven Development of Neoantigen-based Immunotherapy

ImmunnoMS owns world’s leading AI technology with independent innovative algorism applied to the screening of neoantigen and development of custom cancer vaccine, in order to increase the success rate of the development of the vaccine and lower the cost, benefit more cancer patients. Dr. Li Sujun, CEO of ImmunnoMS has more than 10 years of experience in analyzing proteomics by using mass spectrometry, who is familiar with proteomics data of multiple diseases and has successfully developed a new algorism to discover neoantigen from multiple tumor data sources.

Li Sujun, CEO of ImmunoMS, LLC