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Non-Listed Company Roadshow | 39 Innovative Projects for Key Treatment Present Cutting-edge Results
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On September 22-23, 2019, the 2019 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (2019 CBIIC) held 4 roadshow sessions for non-listed company projects. A total of 39 projects were presented at the roadshows, covering tumors, immune system, metabolic system, cardiovascular disease and other treatment areas. Most of the pharmaceutical innovation projects came from well-known innovative R&D companies, universities and research institutes boasting a wealth of innovative product pipelines and significant innovations in therapeutic targets and development models.

Well-known innovative R&D companies such as Alphamab Oncology, GenScript, I-Mab Biopharma (Shanghai), Denovo Biopharma, Impact Therapeutics, Frontier Biotechnologies, NMS Group, and Sichuan Jiuzhang Biological Science and Technology, presented their innovative drug product pipelines and the latest developments. The Non-Listed Company Roadshow session set up a high-end stage for those institutions and companies to present their key R&D products, advanced technology platforms, long-term plan and financing needs. The high-quality projects attracted the attention of many investors. The session venue was nearly overflowed.



Non-Listed Company Roadshow

Non-Listed Company Roadshow invited 4 experts and government officials from domestic investment and medical information fields to give keynote speeches on the trend of pharmaceutical investment respectively in 4 sessions of Non-listed Company Roadshow, analyzing the impact on the state quo China's pharmaceutical industry of capital intervention in pharmaceutical innovation and the current policies. Zhang Buyong, General Manager/Chief Researcher of MENET introduced the changes of China's pharmaceutical market and the coping strategies of enterprises under the influence of the current policies. Chen Huaping, Deputy District Mayor of Shenzhen Pingshan District People's Government introduced the bio-pharmaceutical industry and business environment in Pingshan District, Shenzhen; Wang Minchuan, Partner and Managing Director of 3H Health Investment shared his view on how to nurture top-ranked companies by the rich resources of the Greater Bay Area. Chu Minhua, VP of Intelligence Research of RNDer & PharmaDJ shared her view on the landscape and future of China's biopharmaceutical industry from the perspective of capital market.


Keynote Speakers:

Zhang Buyong, General Manager/Chief Researcher of MENET (upper left);

Chen Huaping, Deputy District Mayor of Shenzhen Pingshan District People's Government (upper right);

Wang Minchuan, Partner and Managing Director of 3H Health Investment (lower left); Chu Minhua, VP of Intelligence Research of RNDer & PharmaDJ (lower right)


Numerous high-quality projects in Non-listed Company Roadshow made a wonderful bridge of cooperation between enterprises and capital. Many speakers were immediately surrounded by investors right after their presentation. The success of Non-listed Company Roadshows on 2019 CBIIC also reflects the organizing committee's serious attitude towards projects selection and efforts for an authorized high-end platform.



The investors showed great interest and attention to the projects

Featured highlights of innovative pharmaceutical projects in Non-listed Company Roadshow

(1) Tumor and Autoimmune Diseases


I-Mab Biopharma focuses on the field of tumor immunity and autoimmune diseases, committing to the R&D of First-in-class and Best-in-class drugs, with more than 10 globally competitive innovation pipelines from preclinical to phase I-III clinical stages.

I-Impact Therapeutics owns the most abundant DDR product portfolios among the world's small biopharmaceutical companies. In the roadshow, Impact Therapeutics introduced the class 1.1 new drug, PARP inhibitor IMP4297, which will conduct phase III clinical trials in China.

I-Denovo Biopharma is a leading precise medicine company for the development of class I drugs in a novel, fast and efficient mode. The phase III trial for the treatment of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) is being carried out both in China and the United States.

I-Sichuan Jiuzhang Biological independently develops the first-in-class anti-tumor class 1 new drug, Chlorogenic Acid for Injection, is a natural small molecule tumor immunopharmaceutical with clear targets and  broad-spectrum antitumor activity. Currently, the phase III multicenter clinical research for the treatment of Grade IV GBM is being carried out.

I-Alphamab Oncology has a fully-integrated proprietary biologics platform in bispecifics and protein engineering, highlighting four drug candidates in clinical phase in the Non-listed Company Roadshow.

I-Sirnaomics is leading in the field of RNAi drug R&D and has implemented a number of clinical trials. The drug candidate STP705 utilizes dual-target nucleic acid inhibitors and peptide polymer nano-introduction preparations, and is undergoing phase II clinical trial of non-melanoma skin cancer in the United States.

I-Transcenta Holding Limited was established by the merger of MabSpace Biosciences and HJB. At present, there are more than 10 innovative drug R&D pipelines, many of which have entered the clinical stage.

I-NMS Group is committed to the original innovation and R&D of anti-tumor drugs. In the history of more than 50 years of R&D, 8 original drugs have been successfully developed and listed globally. Currently, NMS has 13 research projects, and many projects under global clinical trials simultaneously.

I-Based on the world's leading technology platforms such as Deuterated Drug, PROTAC and high-end preparations, Hinova Pharmaceuticals develops major new drug varieties with broad market potential. Currently, HC-1119 (a new drug for treating prostate cancer) is conducting a phase III global multi-center clinical trial, HP501 (A new drug for anti-gout and hyperuricemia) is being carried out in Phase I clinical trials in China.

(2) Metabolic Diseases

Terns China Biotechnology is committed to the development of a best-in-class combined drug therapy for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Terns currently have 1 project in phase III clinical trial, 2 phase I projects, 1 IND phase project, and 3 Pre- IND projects.

Supaglutide developed by Innogen Pharmaceutical is the first long-acting human-derived innovative GLP-1 drug for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is currently under the Phase II clinical trial, indicating well safety, tolenrance, long-acting, low-dose and excellent hypoglycemic effect.

Jiangsu Atom Bioscience and Pharmaceutical is mainly engaged in the R&D of innovative drugs for metabolic diseases. The anti-gout innovative agent ABP-671 has carried out Phase Ib clinical trial in the United States. ABP-671 showed superior serum uric acid reduction at very low dose levels, better than any marketed gout  drugs.

(3) Chronic Diseases and Other Fields


Hexaell Biotech focuses on severe liver disease and cell therapy. The core product bio-artificial liver, HepaCure, is an in vitro liver function support system that uses innovative cell differentiation technology to partially replace liver function and promote autologous liver function in patients with liver failure.

Hope Medicine (Nanjing) Limited obtained the global license from Bayer to carry out the clinical R&D and global market development of the first-in-class bio-pharmaceutical HMI-115. The indications include male and female alopecia, endometriosis, and other chronic diseases.

(4) Microbiology Field


Frontier Biotechnologies, a leading-edge bio-developer, whose Albuvirtide is the first long-acting HIV fusion inhibitor for the treatment of HIV infections and AIDs, filling the gap in China's anti-AIDS drug R&D. Another blockbuster candidate, 3BNC117 is a humanized, broad-spectrum, and high-potent neutralizing HIV antibody. Combining 3BNC117 with Albuvirtide, Frontier Biotechnologies forms the world's first all-injectable long-acting anti-AIDS drug regimen that will revolutionize the AIDS treatment model.

Suzhou Osel Bio-Pharm focuses on microecological drug R&D. Its first innovative drug, the Lactobacillus crispatus micro-ecological drug for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV). It is currently in phase II clinical trial, also the first clinical trial of microecological drugs after the clinical data inspection in July, 22, 2015 in China.

The mucosal vaccination, LTh (αK), which is developed by Advagene Biopharma is an adjuvant for mucosal vaccination, patent-protected, that can regulate mucosal immunity and reduce excessive immune response. A phase II clinical trial has been completed and a phase Ib/IIa clinical trial of respiratory allergy is underway.


(5) Innovative R&D Technology Platform and Diagnostic Testing Technology

Bispecific Antibody (bsAb) platform. developed by GenScript Biotech Corp., consists of a fusion of single domain antibody and monoclonal antibody, has the features of no sequence mutation and the lowest degree of engineering, and is the most natural bispecific antibody in the world.

APN-1607, a PET imaging diagnostic agent developed by APRINOIA Therapeutics, Inc., has received the US FDA orphan drug designation and has launched the international multicenter Phase II trial. APRINOIA Therapeutics has screened out two candidates that may be developed into clinical therapeutic drugs targeting tauopathies.



Partly Roadshow Speakers and Companies

The first row:

Wang Changjin, General Manager of Frontier (on the left),

Luo Wen, CEO of Denovoa (in the middle),

Meng Yuan, Vice President of I-Mab (on the right);

The second row:

Shao Ying, CEO of NMS Group (on the left),

Bao Jun, CEO of Impact Therapeutics (in the middle),

Sam Lou, Co-founder & COO of Hope Medicine (on the right);

The third row:

Qian Xueming, Co-founder & CEO of Transcenta (on the left),

Chen Yuanwei, Chairman of Hinova (in the middle),

Yin Liusong, Director of Antibody Drug Discovery Dept. of GenScript (on the right);

The fourth row:

Zhong Weidong, CEO of Terns China (on the left),

Patrick Lu, Founder & President of Sirnaomics (in the middle),

Wang Qinghua, Chairman & CEO of Innogen (on the right)