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WIT-MED + Big Data Roadshow|HKEX Explores Data Transaction Platform and Big Data+AI Drives Billions-valued WIT-MED Market
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In the afternoon of September 22, 2019, the WIT-MED + Big Data Roadshow co-hosted by the China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) and the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) was successfully held on the 2019 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (2019 CBIIC).

On September 21, at the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 CBIIC held in Suzhou, Charles Li, Chief Executive of HKEX, introduced HKEX's idea on big data. He hoped that HKEX would lead the industry to solve the problems and difficulties in protecting and pricing medical big data by its own credibility, organizational strength, by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology, thus promoting the integration and sharing of big data and accelerating pharmaceutical innovation for the health of human beings. The WIT-MED+Big Data Roadshow was an extension of Charles Li's keynote speech at the Opening Ceremony to further discuss with the industry on how the big data helps WIT-MED.

Keynote speech and panel: discussion on the application of AI/big data and feasibility of data transaction

Tony Zhang, Founder & CEO of LinkDoc, made a keynote speech on the application of AI and Big Data in medical industry, observing the role and changes caused by artificial intelligence from the current situation of the medical industry. He said that innovation was difficult, when the precision medicine brought more and more benefits to patients, it also brought challenges for new drug R&D. Then he shared the achievements and progress in the global pharmaceutical R&D where AI and Big Data were applied. He mentioned that the basis for realizing AI was artificial training. Only by performing a large number of high-quality manual annotations on the data could AI understand and learn efficiently. Finally, he highlighted the safety of medical data and noted we should never benefit patients at the cost of any patient’s privacy. LinkDoc is a solution provider for tumor big data, helping hospitals and departments to build a structured medical record database to improve the efficiency of diagnosis, follow-up, scientific research and other aspects.

Tony Zhang, Founder & CEO of LinkDoc, made the keynote speech

The panel of ‘How does Data Integration Change the Business Ecosystem of Medical Data’ was moderated by Christina Bao, Managing Director and Head of Global Issuer Services of HKEX. Panelists discussed how data fusion changed the ecology of medical data business, explored how to apply data encryption technology to address data security and privacy protection in the medical area and presented projects of medical data fusion demonstration. Panelists believed that medical data could benefit people commercially and socially, but hard to be stardardized, defined for ownership, protected and priced under the current large-scale use. If the problem solved, medical data might become a new asset class in the future. Therefore, the HKEX is working with technology companies such as Tsingjiao Information Science to explore technical solutions to these challenges.

Prof. Yao Qizhi, is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Tsingjiao Information Science, also the Dean of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) at Tsinghua University and the only Chinese winner of Turing Award. The Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC), a branch of cryptography, is specialized by the Huakong Qingjiao, which protects the privacy of medical data by enabling multiparty data analysis under the premise of data encryption. HKEX hoped to lead the industry by its own credibility and build a data transaction Tsingjiao Information Science's advanced MPC technology to protect data. Only under such condition could the data become priced assets and the innovation be promoted. The panelists also welcomed interested industry professionals to further exchange with them after the meeting.

Panel: How does Data Integration Change the Business Ecosystem of Medical Data

Panelists (from left to right):
Christina Bao, Managing Director and Head of Global Issuer Services at HKEX, Tony Zhang, Founder & CEO of LinkDoc,
Joyce Li, Vice President of Medicine at Roche,
Neo Wang, Co-head of Strategic Projects Execution, Market Development at HKEX
Xu Wei, Co-founder of Tsingjiao Information Science; Associate Professor and Assistant Dean at IIIS of Tsinghua University

3 Keynote speeches: introdution to the applications of big data in diagnosis, treatment and insurance

In the keynote speech session, the organizers invited 3 company managers who focused on medical data to share their latest achievements in disease diagnosis, prediction, patient management, and related medical insurance technology.

1.OrigiMed obtains comprehensive data of patients clinically at one time and formulates treatment plans after overall evaluation, then uses high-quality data analysis to solve the key difficulties in tumor treatment; Also, OrigiMed fully explores and exerts data value and uses data technology to allow patient data to play the ‘one for all’ role.

Qin Ying, COO of OrigiMed

2.Diannei (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specializes in lung cancer imaging. The company's image analysis technology for lung cancer and lung nodules has approved as CFDA Class II Device. The technology innovated in the infiltration analysis, gene mutation and efficacy prediction, especially the efficacy prediction and evaluation of immunotherapy and targeted drugs, achieved networking the entire process. In the future, Diannei will realize the classification of gene mutations in the area of precision medicine and use AI to judge the post-operative lesions. The relevant research results have been published in ASCO in 2019.

Ge Liang, CEO of Diannei (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

3.Shanghai Xiezhu Information Technology Co., Ltd. takes the health insurance industry as the data source and provides insurance companies with a data-oriented service system. The company achieves the separation of data masking and unmasking, and establishes a scenario to pay for data, helping the health insurance industry form a good capital flow chain, linking health insurance and medical services and establishing a new type of health service market.

Deng Zhizhong, Vice General Manager of Shanghai Xiezhu Information Technology Co., Ltd

4 WIT-MED Projects: showing the direction and prospects of medical big data

The 4 WIT-MED projects attracted the attention of many investors, and the venue was fully packed. Besides the above projects, the roadshow also included projects from Beijing Ande Medical Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., Digital China Health Technologies Co., Ltd., HLT Pharma of Happy Life Tech Inc., and Cloud of Wisdom.

Roadshow Speakers

The first row:
Li Jingjue, Greater China CEO of Beijing Ande Medical Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (the left);
David Shi, CEO of Digital China Health Technologies Co., Ltd. (the right);
The second row:
Xu Jiming, Co-founder and CEO of HLT Pharma, Happy Life Tech Inc., (the left);
Ding Zeding, CEO Assistant & Board Secretary of Cloud of Wisdom (the right)

After the meeting, numbers of companies found their intentional partners through the 2019 CBIIC. CBIIC will continue to build a closer relationship with industry, and establish a better cooperation and sharing mechanism in the medical data, drug R&D, financial insurance and other aspects to jointly promote the technologic innovation on medical field and to benefit mankind.

WIT-MED + Big Data Roadshow