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PhIRDA Delegation Visited European Molecular Biology Laboratory and Heidelberg University Hospital (News Series - III)
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Invited by Sino German Hi Tech Park, Dr. Song Ruilin, led by Executive President of China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA), PhIRDA Deleagtion arrived in German on June 23rd for a two-day goodwill visit.

PhIRDA Delegation visited Sino German Hi Tech Park, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg University Hospital and other worldly renowned medical innovation and R&D institutions.

On the morning of June 24th, PhIRDA Delegation paid a visit to European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and had a meeting with EMBL representatives. Dr. Joe D. Lewis, Head of EMBL Chemical Biology Core Facility, Dr. Annabelle Grimm, Head of EMBL Technology Transfer, and Mr. Iryna Charapitsa, Post-Doctor Fellow at the Molecular Biology Research Center gave a warm reception for PhIRDA Delegation. At the meeting, Dr. Joe introduced that EMBL was established in 1974 by 14 European countries and Israel in Asia to promote cooperation among European countries, develop fundamental research of molecular biology and improve equipment and education. There are seven research units in EMBL: structure, differentiation, physics, biochemistry, biology, computer and applied mathematics. EMBL has always being committed to conducting basic research in structural molecular biology and molecular medicine; providing high-level training for scientists, students and scientific visitors; offering research service for scientists from EMBL members; developing new instruments and approaches of life science research; playing active roles in transformation and application of biotechnology. Dr. Annabelle Grimm also introduced EMBL Enterprise Management Technology Transfer GmbH (EMBLEM), a sub-institutes for developing and protecting EMBL’s work-in-process technologies and patents, and helping to achieve, transform and commercialize experimental ideas. Through the Technology Development Fund (TDF) could EMBLEM supports outstanding early-stage projects and transfer them into further clinical trial phase. EMBLEM has established close cooperation with institutions and enterprises in different fields, which maximizes the survival rate for the start-ups. Dr Then Iryna Charapitsa also presented the Pirin, a work-in-process project developed by EMBL. The drug for lung cancer can stop tumor growth and destroy tumor cells by preventing the tumor from taking glucose in vivo. It has overcome problems in drug resistance, adverse effects, individual differences and other aspects. In terms of drug independence and safety, Pirin has significant edge over current lung cancer therapies.

Dr. Song highly appreciated the warm reception by EMBL representatives, and shared opinions on how to protect and transfer of intellectual property, how to bring EMBL projects into Chinese market and how to deepen the future cooperation between the two sides. As a vital step to enhance pharmaceutical innovation, international transfer of intellectual property should be coped with properly because it will decide whether innovative projects can enter into Chinese market and be protected appropriately. Now, many cutting-edge innovative projects have completed the transfer of intellectual property rights in China. Due to the large quantity of patients in China, it is believed that the clinical research and project listing will be accelerated greatly if EMBL’s high-quality could step in China. Dr. Song also introduced the Bio-pharmaceutical Industrial Development Base in Greater Bay Area, and invited EMBL to participate in the 2019 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (2019 CBIIC) on September 21-23, to promote the combination between capital and pharmaceutical  innovation.

During the meeting, representatives from both sides held an in-depth discussion about the protection on intellectual property rights, project progress and breakthroughs, and potential further cooperation. Dr. Joe D. Lewis led PhIRDA Delegation to have a visit in the lab of EMBL.

Meeting with EMBL representatives

PhIRDA Delegation Visited EMBL

PhIRDA Delegation and Representatives from EMBL

Next, PhIRDA Delegation arrived at Heidelberg University Hospital and held talks with hospital representatives, including Ms. Irmtraut Gürkan, Business Director of Heidelberg University Hospital and Ms. Kerstin Ammon, Senior Manager Marketing and Medical Collaborations. Ms. Irmtraut Gurkan extended a warm welcome to PhIRDA Delegation's visit, and made introduction for Heidelberg University Hospital. Located in the southwest of Germany and founded in 1593, Heidelberg University Hospital has boasted 43 medical department, 13 centers for medical theory and clinical research, 2000 beds and 1700 medical professors and doctors, with 124000 inpatient and outpatient per day and 1.1 million outpatients per year. As one of the top leading general hospital in Europe, Heidelberg University Hospital has an leading advantage in high-end therapy, proton and carbon ion treatment, cardiovascular, neurology, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics and other fields. By its experienced health providers and worldly renowned professors, the most advanced technology and equipment, the interdisplinary cooperation between different department, Heidelberg University Hospital could serve all the domestic and foreign patients effectively and efficiently, and be able to finish a rapid transfer from scientific research into clinical practice. Ms. Kerstin Ammon also presented the progress made by Heidelberg University Hospital in high-end therapy for tumor treatment. Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center is utilizing proton and carbon ion radiotherapy to target prostate cancer, brain tumor, bone cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and other cancers for precise treatment. After accelerating, ions could be injected precisely into the tumor in an extreme high speed to terminate tumor cells, meanwhile, the therapy can protect the surrounding tissue from damage, as a novel solution for tumors around or deep into vital organs.

Dr. Song firstly introduced China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association, and spoke highly of the medical and health-care achievement made by Heidelberg University Hospital. President Song hoped that Heidelberg University Hospital would keep playing its advantage, making multilateral cooperation actively, and adhering to the idea of ‘the talent brings innovation’, so as to make greater contribution to the development of global clinical medicine and clinical diagnosis. Moreover, President Song expressed PhIRDA’s good will to actively cooperate with Heidelberg University Hospital on clinical research and other fields. By good resource of PhIRDA members and strong clinical R&D ability, the two sides will jointly promote medical innovation research in China and Germany even all over the world.

Meeting with Heidelberg University Hospital

PhIRDA Delegation and Representatives

About 80 km south of Frankfurt, Heidelberg is a university town and a traditional cultural city situated on the river Neckar. As a hub of research and education in Europe, Heidelberg located in the heart of the Rhine-Neckar industrial economy center. As for Heidelberg University, it is the most renowned school in Germany, a birthplace of 57 Nobel Prize winners. In the field of pharmaceutical R&D, Heidelberg enjoys a reputation of the center of European life science, home to several internationally famous research facilities adjacent to German cancer research center and European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

Joseph Tam, Chairman of Pangenia Holdings Limited, Piotr Igor Blaszczyk, CEO of Fosun Pharmaceutical AG, Chen Xue, Executive Director Assistant of Fosun Pharmaceutical AG, Sammy Jiang, Vice President of Luye Pharma Group, Jiang Xiangren, Managing Partner of TF Capital, Jin Yu, Deputy-General Manager of Gem Flower Healthcare Investment Holding Co..Ltd, Gu Hongmei, President Assistant of Chia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Group Co. ,Ltd., Zheng Qiang, Executive Deputy President of New Drug Research Institute of Chengdu Kanghong Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd, Dr. Jan Gradel, Director Business Development of Sino German Hi Tech Park, Liu Li, Director Business, Tan Qiong, Chairman Assistant, Lu Xiaoti, Deputy Secretary-General of PhIRDA, and Li Gen, Project Assistant of International Affairs attended the above meetings.