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30 High-Quality Projects Presented in Medical Devices Roadshow
News & Events 2018.11.14 400

Medical Devices Roadshow of 2018 CBIIC was successfully held in September 19-20 in Suzhou. 30 projects were presented in 2 days’ sessions, drawing great attention from the investors and participants.

Plenary Meeting of Medical Devices Roadshow

Interactions and Communications between Roadshow Speakers and Participants

The medical devices have become the fast growing area in healthcare industry and the hot spot for investment as well. Driven by the innovation and supply-side structural reform, medical devices innovation has entered a 10-year golden era in China.

Wearable Targeted Neuromodulation Product Series

WAT Med focuses on the non-drug treatment field of emesis and migraine control. The core technology of targeted neuroregulation is internationally advanced, and in possession of 61 global patents in this field. The wearable targeted neuromodulation product Series belong to the medical device of IIa category, and have obtained medical device registration certificate in seven countries including China, US, EU, etc.

Ferronova Pty Ltd.: Magnetic Probe and Tracer for Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB)

The next generation magnetometer (the FT Probe) which utilizes magnetic tracers for application in Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB). This magnetometer-tracer package utilizing two combined devices has several key technical and procedural advantages over current technology. These give it not only significant competitive advantages over current technologies in established markets (breast cancer and melanoma) but also provide significant scope for application in non-superficial cancers such as colon or head and neck cancers. The technology is less invasively, more quickly, and more accurately stage the spread of cancer resulting in: better treatment; lower patient morbidity and reduced costs to the healthcare system.

Hospital Infusion Drug Preparation Table

The world's first infusion drug preparation workbench belongs to the second category of medical devices (No. 22-16-02). It scientifically determines the air purification index of the hospital's infusion drug distribution environment and is equipped with special lamps to check the clarity of the drug. Automatic electric heating technology has solved many problems in the low temperature of hospital in winter and spring drug transfusion fluids. The drug dispensing station can be centralized or decentralized in various departments of the hospital, enhancing the protection of drug dispensing personnel and ensuring patient infusion safety.

Visual and Flexible Nano-sensor for Guiding Radial Artery Puncture

This project aims to build a flexible pressure sensing device based on nanomaterials according to the actual clinical needs, and design and manufacture a visual pressure nano-sensor by utilizing the nanomaterials' high sensitivity and discoloration characteristics to the pressure, to guide the radial artery puncture during anesthesia , so as to reduce the patient's pain and improve the efficiency of anesthesia.

Diabetes Precision Treatment Marker Test Kit

The core value of this technology lies in the detection of specific anti-inflammatory antibodies, clarifying that about 20% of patients with type II diabetes has elevated blood glucose due to inflammation-induced insulin resistance, and this group of patients is treated with anti-inflammatory therapy.

Leader in Tissue Engineering and Medical Biomaterials, Medical 3D Printing Field

The products approved for sale include apoptotic nerve repair materials (the only one in China) with high biological safety and clinical efficacy, which have entered a rapid growth period of sales. There are three products that have entered the clinical trial stage including 3D titanium metal printing pectus excavatum orthopedic scaffold (the first one in China), artificial cornea (the third in China) used to repair corneal stroma defects caused by trauma, inflammation and tumor resection and artificial bone nail that have just entered clinical trial.

Anyone Anywhere Anytime-Accurate and Rapid Diagnostics

The ability of the Sample Preparation Platform to concentrate target molecules of interest (e.g., nucleic acids, bacteria, viruses, etc.) by up to 10 to 100 times rapidly and inexpensively enables countless opportunities to transform the diagnostic landscape. The PHASE technology purifies and concentrates target molecules from a wide range of sample types (e.g. plasma, urine, saliva etc). The versatility of the concentration system, combined with advanced paper microfluidics allows for a portfolio of innovative laboratory sample preparation kits and rapid point-of-care diagnostics.

SPR Bio-Equipment

The Esprit is designed for high throughput SPR experiments. The automation allows reproducible measurements with the possibility to analyze up to 192 samples without user intervention. The double channel reference measurement can be used to correct for systematic experimental errors and/or modified surfaces matrix effects.

Prolieve -- A U.S. FDA Apporved Medical Device for BPH Treatment Without Operation

Prolieve® Thermodilatation System is a medical device based on patented endo-thermotherapy platform and offers symptomatic relief to men with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) through a simple, 45-minute, in-office treatment. Prolieve® is both FDA and Medicare approved for treating symptomatic BPH with over 100,000 cases performed in the U.S. alone, and with proven long-term safety, efficacy and durability. 94% of patients did not experience any pain or very minimal discomfort, and 99% of the patients did not experience any sexual dysfunction. 

The Medical Devices Roadshow drawn lots of attention from the investors and made great contribution to promote the medical devices industry absorb more social capital to facilitate the transformation of medical devices innovation.