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Representatives of the World Intellectual Property Organization visited PhIRDA
News & Events 2017.05.26 709

Professor Song Ruilin, Executive President of PhIRDA, held a fruitful meeting with Mr. Chen Hongbing, Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Office in China, , and Mr. Lyu Guoliang, Deputy Director of WIPO Office in China on May 23, 2017. The two sides reached a high level of consensus on the potential cooperation of intellectual property protection, including drug intellectual property protection, drug patent linkage system and so on.


Professor Song Ruilin introduced the current circumstance of drug innovation and drug intellectual property protection in China, and emphasized that the intellectual property protection policy is the cornerstone of pharmaceutical innovation, to enhance the capability of drug innovation and to promote the sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry of China.


Mr. Chen Hongbing said the establishment of the China Office of WIPO effectively provides a new bond and significant platform for the bilateral cooperation between China and WIPO, meanwhile will offer international IP service for Chinese enterprises and innovators, to help better understand the international regulations of intellectual property and actively participate the relevant cooperation and communication.


Ms. Cheng Yinqi, Deputy Secretary-General of PhIRDA and Ms. Lu Xiaoti, Deputy Director of International Department of PhIRDA attended this meeting.