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Brief Introduction about 2016 China BioMed Innovation Investment Conference
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Pharmaceutical industry as one of the strategic emerging industries is strongly supported by Chinese government and has great potential for sustainable value creation. The National Key Project on Innovation and Development of Major New Drugs has supported over various projects during the 11th and 12th Five-Year Plan periods since 2008, and played an important role in promoting the strategic transformation of the industry from “generic drug centric” to “combination of innovation drug and generic drug”. A group of major academic institutions have made great advancements/ breakthroughs in certain areas of drug discovery, with a number of best-in-class promising new drugs on a global level. China has shown a big leap in drug innovation and domestic IP driven innovation is re-shaping the pharma industry here. However, the path to translate findings from “lab bench” to “bedside” is in its nascent stage. The marriage of discovery research and risk capital needs to be further established. The promotion of a close tie between innovation drug research and investors will help accelerate the innovative product transformation of the industry.


With this goal and to facilitate a healthy ecosystem, China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA), a high-level central government associated industry organization, strives to create a platform connecting innovative research and investment community. Such a platform will encourage social capital to work closely with China’s drug innovation, and will accelerate the research project and product transformation. With the sponsorship by the state government, PhIRDA will organize the “China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference” (CBIIC) in Suzhou November 14~16, 2016. Suzhou government and Suzhou Industry Park has provided generous support to this event both in capital and facilities.


The conference plans to invite well-known experts in drug R&D, CEOs from famous pharma companies, partners from international investment firms to give keynote presentations at the event. CBIIC organizing committee members include experts representing the industry, academic institutions, policy experts and leaders of the investment community.


Under the theme of “Promote the linkage between social capitals and innovations, Improve the innovation capacity of pharmaceutical industry”, the conference will open a new chapter in Chinese innovation drug industry, bringing capitals in, taking research discovery to development in the world.


Highlights of CBIIC

1. Overall Designed and Co-organized by the Pharmaceutical Innovation Industry and Investment Community


This conference is co-organized by PhIRDA and Security Association of China (SAC). Fully relying on the strength of members in the fields of pharmaceutical research and development and investment, PhIRDA and SAC bring together the leading experts of the advanced pharmaceutical research institutions, innovative companies and investment institutions as the organizing committee, and hold several preliminary meetings to ensure the preparation of the conference


2. Strong Attentions and Supports from Office of National Science and Technology Major Project and Top National Research Institutions


Until now, Management Office of National Science and Technology Major Project for Major New Drug Research and Development, Development Center for Medical Science and Technology National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China, Bureau of Science and Technology for Development Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Association of Thousand Talents Program of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC have been confirmed as the supporting units, and it’s also supported by the world-renowned investment bank J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (J.P. Morgan). Nature, as the first professional media, People's network, as an exclusive internet media, and other supporting media, such as China Securities Journal, Health paper, and Medical Economy News will coverage of the event.


3. Key Opinion Leaders on Innovation and Investment


Leader of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) will attend opening ceremony as the keynote speaker, and Chen Kaixian (Academician, Vice Chairman of the General Expert Committee of National Key Project on Innovation and Development of Major New Drugs, President of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology) will attend this event and deliver a keynote speech as well. In addition, Zhang Boli (Academician, Vice Chairman of the General Expert Committee of National Key Project on Innovation and Development of Major New Drugs, President of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences) and Chen Jianfeng (Dean of College of Chemical Engineering at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering) will attend the KOLs panel on the pharmaceutical innovation and investment at the opening ceremony. Other confirmed speakers include Mary Lynne Hedley (President and Chief Operating Officer of TESARO) and Philip Ross (Managing Director of Healthcare Investment Banking Group at J.P. Morgan).


4. Worldwide Participation


Up to now, more than 450 companies and institutions have registered to attend this event, including over 150 Venture Capitals and investment institutions, such as J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., CITIC Securities Company Limited, CITIC Capital Partners, CDH Investments, Orient Securities Limited, Temasek Holdings Advisors (Beijing) Co., Ltd, Sequoia Capital China, Qiming Venture Partners, Lilly Asia Ventures etc. It also attracts widespread attention and participation from foreign embassies and international pharmaceutical industry organizations, such as the Embassy of United States, the Embassy of Canada, French Embassy in China, the Embassy of Israel, Consulate-General of the United Kingdom in Shanghai, B.C International Trade and Investment Office of Canada, China-Britain Business Council, Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA), MRC Technology, China-Africa Development Foundation and etc. In addition, representatives from Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry in Taiwan will also participate in this event.


5. First Hold Clinical-Trial Data Release of Innovative Drugs


CBIIC will specifically arrange the Clinical-Trial Data Release of Innovative Drugs after the opening ceremony on Nov.14. All the projects are reviewed and evaluated by the experts committee, HMS5552 End of Phase II Clinical Trials of Hua Medicine (Shanghai) Ltd., Chlorogenic Acid for Injection Phase I Clinical Trials of Sichuan Jiuzhang Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and several other pharmaceutical innovative projects will release its clinical-trial data in this session, which is helpful for the investment community to rapidly and accurately know the latest developments of the research and development of innovative drugs in pharmaceutical industry, so as to grasp the best investment opportunity. It will also promote the social capital to be invested in pharmaceutical innovation in an early stage.


6. High Level with Tight Schedule


CBIIC will hold from Nov. 14-16, during the three days, road shows of pharmaceutical innovative companies and projects, panels on medical investment policies, investment analysis and seminars are all arranged in this event. The opening ceremony and Clinical-Trial Data Release of Innovative Drugs is on Nov.14, road shows of pharmaceutical innovative companies and projects is on Nov 15 and Nov 16, including parallel sessions of listed companies, non-listed companies, gene sequencing and diagnostic reagents companies, and medical devices companies. 75 companies and institutions will participated in road shows. For detailed information, please view the agenda of the conference.