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PhIRDA Delegation visited Israel during May 26-June 5, 2016
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Invited by Israeli Ministry of Economy, PhIRDA Delegation led by Chairman Jiang Hualiang and Executive President Song Ruilin visited Israel during May 26 –June 5, 2016. The delegates include Zhang Chenghai (Chairman, Merro Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), Tan Fenlai (Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Betta Pharmaceuticals Co, Ltd.), He Yun (General Manager, Liangjiang Medicine Co., Ltd.), Zhao Xiaobin (Senior Advisor, Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.), Song Tingting (Project Director, Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), Zheng Qiang (Director, Chengdu Kanghong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.), Gu Hongmei (Assistant to President, ChiaTai TianQing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.), Pu Daojun (Assistant to General Manager, Southwest Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), Feng Wanyu (Director in Pharmacy, Peking University People's Hospital), Zhang Hongyang (Manager, Jiuzhang Biochemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd.), Wang Xin (Senior Director –International Affairs, PhIRDA) and Ruan Xinxin (Project Manager, PhIRDA). The Delegation visited government agencies, innovative authorities, institutions and had fruitful meetings with local pharmaceutical companies, incubators and associations.


<1> PhIRDA Delegation visited Ministry of Economy


<2> PhIRDA Delegation visited Israel Office of Chief Scientist

<3> PhIRDA Delegation visited Teva Pharmaceuticals


<4> PhIRDA Delegation met with Yeda - Weitzman Institute


<5> PhIRDA Delegation visited incubator for technologies -FuturX


<6> PhIRDA Delegation visited Medinol


<7> PhIRDA Delegation visited KAMADA


<8> Executive President Song Ruilin met with representatives from Manufacturers’ Association of Israel


<9> B2B Seminar between PhIRDA Delegation and Israeli innovative pharmaceutical companies


<10> PhIRDA Delegation visited Carmel-Haifa University Economic Corporation