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Initiative to Promote Pharmaceutical Industry Innovation Collaboration among BRICS Countries of 2014 International Pharmaceutical Innovation Collaboration Forum
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1. In accordance with Beijing Declaration, Delhi Communiqué and Cape Town Communiqué of the BRICS Health Ministers Meetings, BRICS Ministries of Health agreed that to strengthen the collaboration in the field of pharmaceutical innovation. Therefore, China National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) organized representatives from BRICS Ministries of Health, Embassies, pharmaceutical enterprises, international organization and academic institutes to meet during the 2014 International Pharmaceutical Innovation Collaboration Forum on October 27-28 in Beijing, and developed the following initiative.

2. Recognized that pharmaceutical innovation plays an important role in public health, which relates to people’s health and quality of life as well as the social stability and economic development of countries. For the purpose of actively addressing public health challenges, improving people’s health, it is necessary to cooperate in the field of pharmaceutical innovation among BRICS countries.

3. Focusing on the major public health challenges, such as AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, Ebola and other communicable and non-communicable diseases, BRICS countries appealed to carry out research and innovation collaboration on related drugs, vaccines and other health technologies.

4. As the key contributor on innovation, the pharmaceutical industry will provide high-quality medical products. We called on industry organizations and pharmaceutical industries to establish an alliance on promoting pharmaceutical innovation among BRICS countries, and to carry out sustainable cooperation through policy study and research projects. Moreover, the governments and public institutes of R&D will play an active role in the promotion of innovation and access of safe, efficacious, and quality medical products at affordable prices.

5. Emphasized the importance of cooperation with World Health Organization, UNAIDS, Global Fund, GAVI and other international organizations, with their support, BRICS countries expect to achieve policy information and resource sharing in order to optimize the ecological environment for development of pharmaceutical industry and improve public health standards in BRICS countries.

6. Appealed to the governments, industry, academia in BRICS countries and relevant international organizations to further strengthen exchange and cooperation in this field.