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Executive President Mr. Song Ruilin met with the Minister Counsellor of Embassy of the Republic of Poland
News & Events 2012.03.16 2278

SINO-PhIRDA Executive President Mr. Song Ruilin met with the Minister Counsellor, Head of the Ecnomic Secton of Embassy of the Republic of Poland Mr. Boleslaw Kosciukiewicz in Beijing on March 16th 2012. The two sides had deep and warm communicaiton. Cousellor Artur Jacek Wyszynski, First Secretary Andrezj Dryzba and Third Secretary Aleksandra Biebiek participated the meeting.

Mr. Kosciukiewicz firstly expressed the warmly welcome for the attendance of SINO-PPhIRDA. After brief introduction and conversation, Mr. Kosciukiewicz gave fully recognition and praise for the efforts of SINO-PhIRDA on promoting the internationalization of Chinese domestic pharmaceutical companies. He said, both governments have closely communication and cooperations. A delegation lead by Poland President Marcin Komorowski visited to China in last December and signed up the agreement for mutual investiment and trade, which indicated the strong willing from the both sides in the governments’ level. The embassy would like to support and collabrate with SINO-PhIRDA as this meeting is making efforts in the actucal level for the both two sides’ pharmacetical industry

Mr. Kosciukiewicz introduced that, Poland as one of the main country of middle Europe, is the 6th ranked pharmaceutical market arround the Europe. Compared with other European coutries, Poland has its uique advantages in the pharmaceutical R&D area. Firth of all, Poland has large number of highly-educated R&D personnel. Second, the adequacy of the labor force makes Poland compared with other countries, means much “Cheaper” for the investors. Furthermore, the Polish government attaches great importance to the development of pharmaceutical industry and sets up special funding to the research projects. Finally, Poland has a unique geographical advantage that entering the Polish market, will not only means enter into the great market of Europe, but also can enter the protential markets in Russia, Ukraine and other neighboring countries and regions. He also highlighted the areas of biotechnology, and pointed out that the bio-pharmaceutical industry is the focal point of Poland's future industrial development, which has accounted for 50% of the entire pharmaceutical industry, and will have sustained growth in the future. In addition, Poland’s medical institutes and universities are highly expected the collabration with Chiese research institutes in the multi-level.

Mr. Song showed his thanks for the introduction. He first brief indroduced the members, structure and goals of SINO-PhIRDA. He mentioned that Chinese unrivaled demographic advantage as well as the needs for drugs has aroused the global concerns. Currently, Chinese pharmaceutical market ranking third in the world, just after the US and Japan, and is expacted to surpass Japan in the next 3-5 years. The similar R&D situation in the pharmaceutical industry in both countries will form a complementary and mutually supportive relationship. Mr. Song said SINO-PhIRDA would like to get in touch the Polish pharmaceutical companies and local associations with the assistance of Embassy, to understand the needs and specific intentions for the local businiess and well prepare the future in-depth cooperation. The collabration of Chinese and Polish pharmaceutical industries will help the Chinese medicines enter the European market.

Mr. Song suggested that, SINO-PhIRDA will get the needs of Polish pharmecutical industry through the help of Embassy, and will develop the communication and cooperation as seminar or exhibition. SINO-PhIRDA will also plan to organize a delegation visit to Poland soon. The Embassy agreed and is willing to provide all the helps and services. 

Mr. Chen Changxiong (Deputy Secretary-General), Mr. Wang Xin (Director of International Cooperation) and Mr. Huang Yi (Senior Manager of International Cooperation) from SINO-PhIRDA attended the meeting.



Mr. Song Ruilin and Mr. Kosciukiewicz exchanged the gifts.

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