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The charity program of free medication with Conmana, part of the state “Key Program for Innovative Drug Development of Twelfth-five Year Plan” supported project, has been launched
News & Events 2012.02.10 3444

Sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, China Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Development Association (SINO-PhIRDA), Zhejiang Beta Pharma Inc., and Beijing Thoracic Hospital, the charity program -- free medication with Conmana was officially launched in Beijing on Feb 9th. A specific license granted from the sponsoring authorities was presented to a representative from each designated dispensing sites. This ceremony represents the charity program has been officially launched.

Several key administrative officers in the healthcare and medicine field including the Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and Chairman of SINO-PhIRDA, who is also an Academician of the State Academy of Engineering, Sang Guowei, Beijing Vice-Mayor, Ding Xiangyang, etc, attended the ceremony and gave a keynote speech. Fang Laiying, the Director of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, hosted this ceremony.

Cancer now is the leading cause of death in China. As the number one killer in all different malignant tumors, lung cancer is a serious impact on people's health, economy and social development. Approved by SFDA in June 7th 2011 and launched in Aug 12 2011, Conmana is the first small molecule anticancer drug for targeted therapy that has been successfully developed in China. From its phase III trial ICOGEN, it clearly demonstrated that Conmana can significantly extend the patient survival and improve the life quality with low and tolerable adverse reactions. Right after the approval by the regulatory agency, Conmana was awarded a grant from the state “Key Program for Innovative Drug Development”, one of the key programs of the state “Twelfth-five Year Plan”.

As an innovative anticancer drug by a domestic company, Conmana is more than 30% lowered price compare to the other two competitor drugs that were developed by multi-national pharmaceutical companies. To further relieve the economic pressure on patients, the inventor for Conmana, Zhejiang Beta Pharma Inc, is currently performing a post market clinical trial. From this trial, all patients who has been taking Conmana more than 6 months and  meanwhile is benefit from Conmana will obtain Conmana for free for their following up therapy. In this meeting, it was announced that more than 40 sites nationwide were selected for dispensing the free medication of Conmana for patients’ convenience.

Vice Chairman Sang Guowei addressed in the ceremony.

Mr. Ding Xiangyang, Vice-Mayer of Beijing, addressed in the ceremony.

Mr. Fang Laiying, Director of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, hosted this ceremony.

Mr. Song Ruilin, Executive President of SINO-PhIRDA, addressed in the ceremony.