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Specialty Committees
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Introduction of Specialty Committees

According to PhIRDA General Assembly and Council Meetings, China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) approved the establishment of the following Specialty Committees: Drug R&D, Clinical Trial Research, Medicinal Policy, Pharmaceutical Innovation Investment, Innovation R&D Services, Clinical Research on Cardiovascular Drugs, International Regulatory Science, Clinical Research on Oncology Drugs, Clinical Research on Cranial Nerve Drugs, Ethics and Business Compliance. 

Drug R&D Specialty Committee aims to promote the innovation and research ability of PhIRDA member through strengthening the communication of drug R&D; participate in the revision of domestic and foreign ICH guidelines and related technical documents, and put forward suggestions for further standardizing drug R&D and harmonization. 

Clinical Research on Cardiovascular Drugs, Cranial Nerve Drugs, Oncology Drugs Specialty Committees and Clinical Trial Research Specialty Committee, aim to promote the relevant abilities by enhancing the research on innovative drug R&D and clinical trial. 

Medicinal Policy Specialty Committee aims to research on domestic and foreign medical and pharmaceutical policies theoretically and practical, aims to provide guidance and suggestions to government ministries and departments for their decision making. 

Pharmaceutical Innovation Investment Specialty Committee aims to stimulate the close cooperation between investment institutions and innovators, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of innovation, and build an open environment for medical and pharmaceutical investment. 

Innovation R&D Services Specialty Committee aims to providing service for innovative drug R&D with international standardization, to create an international competitive new drug R&D service group, to enhance the transfer of innovation achievements. 

International Regulatory Science Specialty Committee aims to assist government departments to further improve China's drug administration system, level up the international competitiveness of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, and promote the overall transformation, upgrading and innovative development of pharmaceutical industry in China. 

Ethics and Business Compliance Specialty Committee aims to promote compliance system of China’s pharmaceutical enterprises, raise the awareness of risk management and compliance, and promote the healthy ecosystem of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. 

All specialty committees allow related experts to join personally and provide guidance and consultation on policies, technological innovation, clinical research, investment and financing, and R&D service to provide practical services to PhIRDA members.