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Brief Introduction of PhIRDA
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China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association(PhIRDA)

Founded in 1988, China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) is registered as a non-profit organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China at the first national level.

Formerly named China Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Development Association, the association was approved to rename into PhIRDA by Ministry of Civil Affairs on October 23, 2014. PhIRDA will exert great effort on “academia-industry collaboration”, which centers on the principle of “innovation, industrialization, internationalization”, persists in innovation to achieve unmet clinical requirements. At current stage, PhIRDA has 142 members, mainly consist of five major categories: First, start-up and R&D enterprises focusing on innovation of pharmaceutical products; Second, domestic first-class universities, colleges and research institutions conducting pharmaceutical research and development; Third clinical institutions featuring high skills in applicable research on new drugs, especially those undertake “major new drug innovation”technological platform for good clinical practice; Fourth, investment institutions committing to pharmaceutical innovation; Fifth, national pharmaceutical enterprises excelling at innovation; Moreover, PhIRDA has established Drug R&D Specialty Committee, Clinical Research Specialty Committee, Medicinal Policy Specialty Committee and Pharmaceutical Innovation Investment Specialty Committee, in order to promote the innovation as the goal of organizational structure. PhIRDA is also a member of International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) to continuously broaden channels of international collaboration.

Major work of PhIRDA includes:

First, to promote communication and innovative development of our members and even the whole pharmaceutical industry through forums, press-conferences, summits, etc.;

Second, to make efforts to establish an international exchange platform for our members through cooperation with foreign embassies and foreign associations to stimulate communication between China and foreign countries in pharmaceutical field;

Third, to conduct policy researches, propose valuable suggestions on healthcare reform and the development of pharmaceutical industry.

Fourth, to improve the website and WeChat official account of PhIRDA and provide collecting, arranging, revising service of pharmaceutical information, which includes the following internal e-magazines such as the daily Pharmaceutical Information Brief, the weekly International Pharmaceutical Development Tendency and Research Information Brief;

Fifth, to practice the guiding spirits of national innovation-driven development strategy, to broaden the investment and financing channels of pharmaceutical innovation, to build the cooperation platform for our members, and to promote social capitals to pay more attention on investment in innovative projects of start-up and R&D enterprises.

PhIRDA will center on our principle, continuously expand services, build a bridge between the government and our members, maintain legitimate rights and interests of members, strengthen self-discipline, promote healthy development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry, making constant contributions to the greater economic development of the country and public health.